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Double and Triple Glazed Units

Meet any planning requirement with energy-efficient glazing and stylish, thermally-insulated frames.

With sustainable building and energy use front-of-mind for planners, relax in the knowledge you can afford to comply with demanding specifications, including triple-glazing.

The windows we supply can provide U values from 1.7 to 0.8 and BFRC energy ratings from C to A+ but we continue to design even more exciting performance with new modifications and enhancements. All window ranges have both British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) and ‘Energy Saving Recommended’ accreditations and are guaranteed against failure for 10 years.


Why U values matter

The lower the U value, the lower the heat loss and the better the structure’s ability to insulate. The whole window U value rates a window in its entirety including glazing, frame and spacers. Triple glazed units are over 5 times as effective as single glazing. Additionally, they are 3 times as effective as regular double glazing in saving energy and reducing household bills.


Advanced design and technology

With low line glazing beads and reflective spacers, the sightlines are clear and uncluttered, ensuring the window is well-proportioned, elegant, attractive and retains all of their functionality.

As the industry increasingly demands carbon neutral solutions, the design and performance of sealed unit fenestration products is constantly changing. Whether double or triple glazed, with engineered chambered profiles, Q-Lon gaskets, thermal inserts and advancing glass technology, Windows For Construction has the ability to achieve your targets.



Thermal break

The diagram shows cold areas (purple and blue) at the outside of the window and warm (red and yellow) on the inside of the window. No heat loss through ‘bridging’ occurs across the profile, spacer or glass, meaning a warm and comfortable living environment is maintained at all times.


Guaranteed performance

With national support and the BFRC scheme we can test any specification and permutation of glass, providing independent certification as proof of performance.


Thermal Efficiency

Smart thinking for your new build.

More and more, planners and homebuyers are warming to the performance and design advantages possible when using high performing Windows for Construction glazed units.


Cutting energy waste is attractive
Glazing has significant potential to further reduce the heat loss from windows – especially for large glazed areas. It can cut a typical resident’s heating costs by up to £766 a year. Over a 20 year period, a typical home could result in energy savings worth over £14,000 and 94 tonnes of CO2.              


Promise residents reduced condensation and noise. 
Lower heat loss at window edges makes our glass 3-4°C warmer - cutting condensation by up to 80%. Using our unique high performance Q-Lon weatherseal gaskets and our range of acoustic units will reduce noise pollution too.  


Product Design 
Windows For Construction Ltd products allow for a range of U values to be achieved using a combination of double and triple glazing, thermal reinforcement and multi chambered profile.







Your first choice for environmental performance

Glass units utilising our warm edge, non-metallic spacer, can eliminate condensation towards the edge of the glass by up to 80%, resulting in 3-4% warmer windows than those with metal spacer bars. These windows are 22 times more efficient at preventing heat loss around the glass perimeter than those not using warm edge technology. Low line glazing beads and gaskets ensures that our warm edge spacers are virtually invisible, the spacer surface reflecting the colour of the window frame.